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The Hotdogger IV
For those cold winter days when you are out having fun on your snowmobile, and can’t find any golden arches Flat-o Products, Inc. has developed the Hotdogger IV. This product is sure to give your stomach a pick me up!
The Hotdogger IV simply attaches to the muffler on your snowmobile. Installation time is approximately 5 minutes. Simply wrap your favorite food in foil, place in the Hotdogger IV and you have a hot meal or snack.
Favorites of
snowmobilers include:

Hotdogger IV

Hotdogger IV whole

» Hotdogs
» Brauts
» Burritos
» Hot Pockets
» Chicken wings
» Sweet rolls
» Apple turnovers
» Poptarts

Your menu is only limited by your imagination.

Cooking time varies depending on riding conditions and snow conditions. A groomed trail takes a little longer because the snowmobile motor is not working as hard, if you wish to speed up cooking time go climb a hill or ride in some deeper snow. These things require the motor to work harder and build more heat in the exausht. 

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